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Holistic Head Spa

A one of a kind Salon experience.

Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. That’s why for years we have offered relaxing head spa services such as scalp detox and deep mist conditioning treatments, in addition to a full suite of salon services. 

Whether you are experiencing an oily or dry scalp, desire a seasonal scalp balancing exfoliant and refresher, or simply would love to indulge in  nourishing hair health self-care, we can help.


We are one of only a few in the entire state to offer all services in Takara Belmont's luxurious, fully reclined and incredibly comfortable shampoo lounge.



Our Head Spa begins with a microscopic analysis of the scalp to determine the suitable OWAY treatments for your individual scalp and hair care needs and concerns.


We use the Spa Mist™ Ultra Sonic Mist Machine to gently exfoliate the skin removing all unwanted debris and product build up without harshly removing natural oils. 


The microscopic mist it produces slowly opens the hair cuticle allowing treatments to penetrate deep into the hair for maximum moisture and longer lasting healthy results. 

    We include NICA's signature neck and head massage to stimulate blood circulation, promote hair growth and melt your stress away.

Ready to refresh your scalp for balanced skin and healthier hair?

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